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Wednesday 07. March 2012

Janus-faced Turkey's Syria Challenge

Niklas Anzinger: Turkey’s success story of combining moderate Islam and democracy is being challenged by the ruling AK Party’s power grab. In this game, the struggle for power trumps ideology, but the religious resurgence remains an element of unpredictability in foreign policy. Regarding Syria, reality mugged the ill-guided Middle Eastern adventures of Turkey.

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Tuesday 28. February 2012

Josef Joffe: Why Nobody Will Help the Syrian People

Libya was no precedent for Syria. Remember the rule: We bomb only where the campaign promises to be short, cheap and decisive. And where the target—like Qaddafi—has no allies. Assad does: Russia, China, and Iran.

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Saturday 11. February 2012

New Video: Amr Bargisi (Cairo) about Egypt after the elections

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Tuesday 31. January 2012

David Pollock: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and its record of double talk

Of course, it would be a welcome surprise if the Brotherhood does change into a more truthful and trustworthy interlocutor. In the meantime, however, we should pay no attention to anything the Brotherhood says in English and little attention to any private “assurances” it offers. And given the group’s record of double-dealing, observers should take everything the Brotherhood says in Arabic with due doubt.

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Thursday 19. January 2012

It's Time to Think Seriously About Intervening in Syria

Syria has become a place where violence, colonial legacies, the mistakes of the recent past, and the hopes for a better Middle East have collided to create layers of complications and unsettling trade-offs for policymakers and outside observers. Yet wrapping oneself in the false comfort that Assad cannot hang on for long seems like the worst possible way to proceed. Washington and the rest of the international community must come to grips with the idea of intervention in Syria or get used to the idea that Bashar al-Assad could stick around far longer than anyone expects.

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Thursday 29. December 2011

Is model Turkey sliding into authoritarianism?

Critics say that such cases are evidence that Turkey is sliding toward authoritarianism, even as it is lauded by Western governments as a role model for the Middle East – particularly in the wake of this year's Arab uprisings. "Everyone is so dazzled by Turkey's regional role at the moment that there is almost total silence over this great situation of injustice unfolding at home," says Emma Sinclair-Webb, Turkey researcher for Human Rights Watch. Since 9/11, Turkey has convicted nearly 13,000 people of terrorism offenses, more than any of 66 countries – including China – examined in an Associated Press investigation published in September.

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Thursday 15. December 2011

Dec. 18: New video online: Three questions for... Richard Landes

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Wednesday 14. December 2011

Aliaa's nudity: A different form of protest

More now than ever before, Egyptians from all walks of life are talking about liberty. The chants for freedom have united the revolting masses beyond — and regardless of — ideological affiliation. But why has the call for a freer society limited itself to the political sphere: liberties stated in the constitution, parliamentary elections, management of state institutions and — to a lesser extent — media freedoms? Can one espouse democracy as a political system without extending its logic to gender relations, sexuality and issues of personal privacy?

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Tuesday 13. December 2011

Arab World: Getting under Tehran’s umbrella

Iraq is about to return to full sovereignty. As it does so, it is also about to present the region and the world with an entity of a type previously unknown in modernity – a Shia-majority Arab state under Shia rule. In a Middle East region in which Islamic politics is moving ever closer to center- stage, it is therefore not surprising that a Shia-ruled Iraq should choose to align itself with the regional bloc led by Iran. The Iranians skillfully prepared the pathway.

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Friday 02. December 2011

Egypt’s revolution was stolen from the women

The female voices that triggered the dawn of the revolution are being pushed out of Tahrir Square through violent repression.

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Tuesday 29. November 2011

Dec. 1st: Richard Landes: "Radical Islam’s Cognitive Warfare"

Prof. Richard Landes (Boston University) talks with Thierry Chervel about the Dysfunctions of Western News Media from Muhammad al Durah to the “Arab Spring” Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011, 7.00 pm Robert-Koch-Saal, Dorotheenstr. 96, 10117 Berlin.

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Tuesday 22. November 2011

Ilan Berman: Egypt's Dire Economy

Some eight months after the ouster of its long-serving strongman, Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's revolution remains the most prominent byproduct of the so-called "Arab Spring." But where, exactly, is Cairo headed? While there remains no shortage of optimism about Egypt's future in many quarters, a close look at the economic indicators suggests that the country may not be moving toward post-revolutionary stability at all. In fact, it is rapidly heading in the opposite direction.

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