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Thursday 21. March 2013

Hezbollah Courier Guilty of Role in Cyprus Terror Plot

In a decision that could have significant repercussions for Hezbollah’s operations in Europe, a court in Cyprus on Thursday found a man guilty of participating in a plot to attack Israeli tourists on vacation in Cyprus, part of a conspiracy similar to a deadly bombing last July in Bulgaria.

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Friday 08. March 2013

HALABJA / ANFAL 1988 - 2013 The Return of the Suppressed

Without German support for Iraq’s chemical weapons program the attack on the Kurdish city in 1988 would not have been possible. 25 years after the poison gas attack on the city of Halabja, the victims are still waiting for compensation and assistance from Germany. The German government has been dragging its feet for more than 20 years now and systematically plays down its responsibility for the build-up of the Iraqi chemical weapons program.

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Saturday 02. February 2013

Egypt activist advocates for better ties with Israel

One small group of activists, however, is not ignoring the Israel issue. No to Compulsory Military Service is a pacifist group started by Maikel Nabil Sanaad in 2009 aimed at encouraging Egyptians to exercise their right to refuse to serve while promoting the value of pacifism. Emad el Dafrawi is one of the central activists in the No to Compulsory Military Service and an avowed pacifist.

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Saturday 26. January 2013

Leaving Islam in the age of Islamism

The past several years have witnessed every single young man or woman with a shred of critical thinking to leave the Islamist movement. Starting with the Egyptian revolution and the Islamists’ shameful position against it, young middle class educated members have ever since continued to trickle out. But this mere organisational friction is not the subject of this article. What I intend to expound on is more far-reaching. It’s about those often-silent people who decided to abandon faith completely as a result of their faithful experiences.

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Thursday 10. January 2013

Teheran votes YES! on Hagel

By SABA FARZAN and SAEED GHASSEMINEJAD. Teheran believes that the US will accept Iran going nuclear and will even lift sanctions. Appointing Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense is an invitation to Iran’s dictatorship – signed, sealed and delivered by President Obama himself – to join the nuclear... >>

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Sunday 23. December 2012

Turkish Intelligence Service Targets Jewish Population

The deteriorating relationship between Turkey and Israel has generated unprecedented and disquieting accusations against Turkey’s Jews. There is a growing tendency in this country — encouraged by the ruling Islamist government — that demonizes Jews and triggers anti-Semitism, consciously or not.

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Monday 26. November 2012

Video and Audio: Why Hezbollah is Europe's problem too

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Wednesday 21. November 2012

Seven Truths About Israel, Hamas and Violence

Jeffrey Goldberg: There are many lies being told about the current conflict between Israel and Hamas. Here are seven things that are true.

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Tuesday 20. November 2012

Hamas: Words Are Weapons of Mass Destruction

We should also focus on the words that made this war inevitable. Hamas incitement and hate speech have silenced Palestinian moderates, distanced human rights, and dramatically increased the chances of war.

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Monday 19. November 2012

Arab paper: Leave Israel alone, deal with Syria

In an editorial entitled, "The solution to Gaza…return to Syria," Alhomayed wrote that, " Unfortunately, wars in our region have become like a race, so each war is to cover another one. In other words, these wars are nothing more than a move to escape forward. Therefore what is happening in Gaza is escaping forward, particularly in the hope of saving al-Assad or at least ensuring that the cost of toppling him will be greater for everybody. The greatest architect of such wars is Iran".

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Saturday 17. November 2012

IDF Tracked Rockets From Iran to Hamas

The smuggling operation was highly complex. The Fajr-5 rockets made in Iran, each six meters long, were transported all the way from their country of origin — dismantled and re-assembled along the way, smuggled via the Gaza Strip tunnels and then hoisted out using cranes — until they were positioned at their launching sites in Gaza.

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