Campaigns / Demonstrations

May 2011: "Israel day" in Berlin and Stuttgart

On Mai 14, 2012, the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin participated at the "Israel Day" in Berlin. Kirsten Tenhafen spoke, amongst other issues, about the presentation of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in German school books and about the Iranian musician Shahin Najafi, who has to live in hiding in Germany because of death fathwas from Iran. In Stuttgart Jörg Rensmann held a speech (PDF).

May 2011: Protest against "Palestine Conference" in Wuppertal

On Mai 7, 2011, a "Palestine conference" took place in Wuppertal under the label "The Generation of Return knows its ways". Enemies of Israel and peace and supporters of Islamist terrori called for an end of the Jewish state. ( The MFFB organized a protest in Wuppertal, the speeches and press reactions can be found here. (German)

September 2010: Protest against the al-Quds day in Berlin

The Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin is again one of the initiators of the protests against the so called al-Quds day. The appeal "Protest against al-Quds day: Against Islamist and antisemitic propaganda on the streets of Berlin - for the Iranian freedom movement" can be found together with all other information on the website The English version of the appeal is here. Our manifestation will take place on Saturday, September 4, 2010, 2.00 pm at the Joachimstalerplatz in Berlin (Map).

June 2010: Rally: Solidarity with Israel - Free Gaza from Hamas! 

We are organizing a rally on Sunday, June 13, 2010 at Breitscheidplatz Berlin, to express our solidarity with Israel and its fight for self defence. We are protesting against all campaigns to delegitimize Israel which spread hate against the Jewish state. These campaigns are older than the the Mavi Marmara events, a flotilla to support the Hamas against the Jewish state. We are convinced that the enemies of Israel are the enemies of freedom, human rights and democracy worldwide. 

read more: speech of Melody Sucharewicz

June 2010:  Protest Rally: Against the Warmongering Coalition between Germany's Linkspartei and Hamas! Solidarity with Israel! 

Protest in front of the Karl-Liebknecht-Haus, Saturday, Juni 12, 2010.
“Israel cannot be allowed to get away with this”, foamed Gregor Gysi, head of the far-left German Linkspartei ("Left Party"); MP Wolfgang Neskovic called for an investigation to be held against Israel due to “the initial suspicion of war crimes”; Nader El-Saqa from the Palestinian Community in Germany referred to the attack as “Israel’s declaration of war against every seafaring nation”. The German exponents of the humanitarian cause thereby taking the same view as Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan, who added that Israel was an “abscess” in the Middle East. Differences in how the statements  are formulated still remain noticeable – but nonetheless a line can be drawn from Gysi to Erdogan, Hugo Chavez and the Iranian leadership. At the same time the countries of Europe agree with Barak Obama: not the coalition of left-wingers and Islamists poses the problem, but Israel.       

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September 2009: Protest Rally against the Al-Quds-Day

The Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin supports the protest against the Islamic and anti-Semitic Al-Quds-day in Berlin. The protest will take place on September 12, 2.00 p.m., on the crossing of Knesebeckstr./Kurfürstendamm (near U1 Uhlandstr.).

Annually, an ideological march is organised in Teheran by the "Islamic Republic of Iran" to celebrate the so-called Al-Quds day. At the same time, demonstrations are organized by Hezbollah in Beirut and by Hamas in Gaza, and the fundamentalist ideology of the Islamic Republic is propagated by rallies taking place worldwide. During the Al-Quds demonstration in Berlin, demonstrators have repeatedly made use of symbols pertaining to terrorist organisations. The Islamic Republic was founded in Iran thirty years ago. The regime perpetrated an anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli policy from its very inception. Thus, Ayatollah Khomeini called upon his followers to demonstrate for the "liberation" of Jerusalem and the destruction of Israel on the last Friday of each Ramadan fasting month.

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