Workshop: The Israeli democracy and the Mideast conflict

This seminar is co-sponsored by the German Ministry for Family, Elderly People, Women and Youth as a model project in the framework of the program "Demokratie Leben!" (Living Democracy!).


Today it is important to know facts about Israel to counter distorted perceptions of the Jewish state. In our seminar we will work a political analysis with facts and information to reflect the current media and political judgments to Israel and the Mideast conflict.

We are therefore looking forward to offer this seminar for young adults.

The main focus of the seminar is Israel as a democratic state whose Jewish national movement - Zionism – arose like other national movements in the 19th century, and led to the founding of the State of Israel after the Shoah. In this context the workshop discusses the conflict with the Palestinians and the Arab states and its main stages (War of Independence, the Six-Day War in 1967, the Oslo Peace Process).

The aim of the seminar is a jointly political analysis with facts to reflect the current media and political judgments to Israel and the Mideast conflict.

This seminar can be booked for every German city.



Current Dates:

December 14, 2016          Hamburg

December 13, 2016          Hamburg

December 9, 2016            Heidelberg

Past Dates:

November 11, 2016          Augsburg

November 6, 2016           Trier

October 14, 2016             Kassel

October 9, 2016               Erlangen

September 25, 2016         Duisburg

July 15, 2016                   Leipzig

July 10, 2016                   Berlin

July 7 2016                      Hamburg

June 25, 2016                 Leipzig

June 4, 2016                   Gießen

June 3, 2016                   Marburg

May 28, 2016                   Berlin

April 28, 2016                Dessau

April 24, 2016                 Frankfurt

April 10, 2016                 Berlin

March 15, 2016                Cologne

January 17, 2016             Munich

Dezember 4, 2015            Hannover

December 6, 2015            Cologne


November 6, 2015            Berlin

November 28, 2015          Frankfurt am Main

October 11, 2015              Stuttgart

October 23, 2015              Potsdam

September 24, 2015          Leipzig

June 14, 2015                   Berlin

June 28, 2015                   Leipzig

May 3, 2015                     München

May 30, 2015                    Berlin


The workshop is in German language.

More dates in Hannover, Stuttgart, Cologne and other German cities are scheduled.