"I must therefore urgently advise against any additional action for Israel"

The Foreign Office and Israel between 1967 and 1979

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Book presentation and discussion with Dr. Remko Leemhuis
Followed by a discussion with Dr. Ullrich Ernst, Dr. Jenny Hestermann and Jörg Rensmann
When: will be postponed to a later date
Where: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Berlin 
Moderation: Dr. Ruth Kinet

House 2, conference hall, Hiroshimastraße 28, 10785 Berlin

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Germany and Israel have an undoubtedly complex relationship. The Merkelian bonmot that Israel's security is part of the German raison d'etre is widely shared today. Germany is a close partner of the Jewish state within the EU, but also worldwide. However, the beginning of the relationship was far more bumpy, especially in the Foreign Office. There were considerable reservations about Israel, as Dr. Remko Leemhuis demonstrates in his study on the Foreign Office. "I must therefore urgently advise against any additional action for Israel" is an analysis of the fundamental considerations that shaped the Israeli policy of the Foreign Office in the important period between the Six Day War in 1967 and the signing of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty in 1979.

In addition to bitter continuities from the Nazi era and noticeably existing antisemitic attitudes, even from today's perspective there was surprisingly little understanding of the need for foreign policy solidarity between democracies. Maneuvering was of course not always easy for the young Federal Republic, which was looking for its global political role. The first decade and a half of German-Israeli relations took place in a complex situation in which the diplomats had to take into account the demands of the American superpower as well as the openly anti-Israel policies of many Arab states and the competition with the GDR. The shimmering basic attitude of many actors shows, however, that the way to a state of affairs was by no means mapped out.


Dr. Remko Leemhuis

is director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Berlin. In 2020 he published the book “'I must therefore urgently advise against any additional action for Israel'. The Foreign Office and Israel between 1967 and 1979 ”published by LIT-Verlag in Berlin.


Dr. Jenny Hestermann

is a historian and visiting professor for Israel Studies at the Moses Mendelssohn Center at the University of Potsdam. In 2016 she published the book "'Staged Reconciliation.' Travel diplomacy and German-Israeli relations from 1957 to 1984 "published by Campus-Verlag.


Dr. Ulrich Ernst

is Head of the Middle East Department at the Federal Foreign Office.


Jörg Rensmann

is political scientist and program director at the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin.


Dr. Ruth Kinet

is a historian, journalist and author. She writes regularly on Israel-related topics for public radio stations and magazines.


A cooperation event between the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Berlin.


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