October 23, 2019: "Tacheles Talk Israel" (in German) of the DIG Berlin-Brandenburg with Frank Müller-Rosentritt (MdB) and Julian Reichelt (Editor-in-Chief of BILD), moderated by Michael Spaney (MFFB).


Oktober 30, 2019: "Der Antisemitismus des iranischen Regimes". Lecture with Jörg Rensmann (MFFB) in Köln


November 04, 2019: "Hisbollah and Germany". Lecture and discussion with Ambassador Ron Prosor (Israel) in Berlin


November 13, 2019: "Nazis und der Nahe Osten". Book Presentation with Dr. Matthias Küntzel in Berlin


November 20, 2019: "Antisemitismus in der DDR". Lecture with Kai Schubert (MFFB) in Marburg


December 12, 2019: "Das neue Unbehagen. Antisemitismus in Deutschland heute". Book Presentation with Dr. Olaf Glöckner (MMZ), Prof. Dr. Monika Schwarz-Friesel (TU Berlin), Daniel Poensgen (RIAS) and Kai Schubert (MFFB) in Berlin


January 9, 2020: "Die Juden der arabischen Welt". Book Presentation with Dr. Stephan Grigat in Berlin. Organized by the Jewish Community Berlin and MFFB


January 14, 2020: "Kritik des Antisemitismus - eine Einführung". Lecture with Kai Schubert (MFFB) in Münster


February 04, 2020: "Hisbollah – die unterschätzte Gefahr". Lecture with Jörg Rensmann (MFFB) in Berlin



Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin

The Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin (MFFB) is a Organisation for policy consulting and political education. Also, MFFB organises public events and discussions. MFFB was founded as a nonprofit association of scientists, journalists, members of Jewish organisations and exile Iranians in 2007. We advocate support for democracy, human rights and the rule of law in the Middle East. A special focus lies on raising public awareness for the danger of antisemitism, islamic and right-wing extremism and the danger for democracy linked with them. The MFFB works for a permanent commemoration of the Shoah in Germany. Read more


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