BEMET - Berlin Middle East Talks: The Debate Series.

Since October 2010, the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin is organizing regular public lectures and debates with internationally renowned experts, scientists and journalists on relevant questions regarding the Middle East. The debate series is organized in cooperation with the German section of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME).

The Islamic Republic of Iran and international Terror

November 6, 2012:Debate with Matthew Levitt (Washington) about terror as a means of Iranian foreign policy.

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The Iran crisis

May 24, 2012:Debate with Michael Rubin (Washington) and Dr. Wahied Wahdat-Hagh (Berlin) about the current situation in Iran and the nuclear conflict.

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Iran, Syria, Hezbollah - Endgame for the "Axis of Resistance"?

February 15, 2012:Debate with Markus Bickel (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) and Jörn Schulz (Jungle World) about the current developments in Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

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"Radical Islam’s Cognitive Warfare" with Prof. Richard Landes

December 1, 2011: Prof. Richard Landes (Boston University) talks with Thierry Chervel about the Dysfunctions of Western News Media from Muhammad al Durah to the “Arab Spring”.

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"Escalation in the Middle East? Israel in a region in upheaval." With Dr. Dan Schueftan

November 18, 2011:Dr. Dan Schueftan (Israel) talks with Prof. Lars Rensmann about Israel and the current developments in the Middle East.

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"Where is Turkey heading?" with Burak Bekdil

October 19, 2011: Regarding Turkey, most things are more complicated then they seem, and we are thus happy to invite you to a debate with a Turkish expert who closely follows the developments in his country.

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"Hot Spot Syria" with Jonathan Spyer

June 23, 2011: Dr. Jonathan Spyer (GLORIA-Center, Israel) talked about the current development in Syria, Jonathan Weckerle (MFFB) gave an overview of the German-Syrian relations.
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"The Israeli-Palestinian conflict" with Yaacov Lozowick and Ralf Fücks

May 12, 2011: A debate with Yaacov Lozowick (Israeli historian) and Ralf Fücks (Director of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation).

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"Upheaval in the Middle East" with Bassam Tibi

April 20, 2011: Where is Egypt heading after Mubarak? How has the balance of power shifted in the region, and what can the West do to support democratic forces and developments? With Bassam Tibi, we will have on of the internationally most renowned experts on the Near and Middle East speaking about these and other questions.
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"Islam, Islamism and the West" with Daniel Pipes and Jörg Lau

On October 27, 2010, Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum (USA), and Jörg Lau, foreign affairs corrospondent of Die ZEIT, discussed among other topics the relation between Islam and Islamism, Western foreign policy towards Iran and other states as well as issues with Muslims living in Western states.
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