Documentation of the Iran-Conference: Business as usual

Greetings and Welcome

Internationales Auschwitz Komitee (read here, German)

Prof. Elie Wiesel (video message)

Prof. Diethard Pallaschke (Audio, German)

Charles A. Small (Audio)

Prof. Elie Wiesel

All pictures: Lorenz Richter

Opening Panel: Islamism, Antisemitism, Nuclear Programme: The Iranian threat

  • Menashe Amir: Religious and ideological motivation in Iranian domestic and international policies (Audio)
  • Prof. Benny Morris: A second Holocaust? The threat to Israel (Audio)
  • Dr. MatthiasKüntzel: “Strategic partner”? The special German-Iranian relationship (Audio, German)
  • MEP Paulo Casaca:The EU, Iran and the effectiveness of sanctions (Audio)
  • Discussion (Audio)

Prof. Benny Morris


Dr. Matthias Küntzel


Menashe Amir


Paulo Casaca


Alan Posener


Panel: Theocracy and Human Rights: The character of the Iranian Regime

Nasrin Amirsedghi


Javad Asadian


Dr. Miro Aliyar


Caroline Fetscher


Panel: The Holy war against Israel and the West

  • Dr. Sylke Tempel: Introduction (Audio)
  • Yossi Melman: The roadmap to the bomb (Audio)
  • Dr. Patrick Clawson: Terror and ideology-export: The Islamic Republic's war against the West (Audio)
  • Alexander Ritzmann: Iran and the Islamist network in Germany (Audio)
  • Discussion (Audio)



Yossi Melman

Patrick Clawson


Alexander Ritzmann


Dr. Sylke Tempel


Panel: Iran and Europe: Dialogue or confrontation?

  • Dr. Majid Sattar: Introduction (Audio)
  • Saul Singer: Is Europe pressing Israel towards war? EU, UN and the possible effectiveness of draconian sanctions (Audio)
  • Dr. Matthias Küntzel: Business as usual? German-Iranian trade relations (Audio)
  • Bruno Schirra: Know nothing, hear nothing, see nothing - Germany's policy toward Islamism: Calculation or anticipatory obedience? (Audio)
  • Discussion (Audio)

Saul Singer

Dr. Matthias Küntzel


Bruno Schirra


Dr. Majid Sattar


Final panel: The need for a new antifascism

  • Doris Akrap: Introduction (Audio)
  • Kayvan Kaboli: International cooperation against the Mullah-Regime (Audio)
  • Prof. Jeffrey Herf: Where are the anti-fascists? Iran and the meaning of "Coming to terms with the Nazi past" in 2008 (Audio)
  • Thomas von der Osten-Sacken: Freedom, secularization, democracy – for a new Middle East (Audio)
  • Henryk M. Broder: Capitulate to the Iranian regime? (Audio)
  • Discussion (Audio)

Prof. Jeffrey Herf


Kayvan Kaboli


Thomas von der Osten-Sacken


Henryk Broder


Doris Akrap