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Article on Antisemitism and Cultural Relativism of Andreas Benl (MFFB) published

May 2021

The papers presented at a conference on antisemitism held at the University of Vienna in 2018 have now been published in a five-volume set by de Gruyter. The fifth volume documents the transformation of age-old antisemitic stereotypes into a new form of discrimination, often called "New Antisemitism" or "Antisemitism 2.0." Manifestations of antisemitism in political, legal, media and other contexts are reflected on theoretically and contemporary developments are analyzed with a special focus on online hatred. The volume points to the need for a globally coordinated approach on the political and legal levels, as well as with regard to the modern media, to effectively combat modern antisemitism.

Andreas Benl (MFFB) published his text titled "Cultural Relativism and Antisemitism: History, Encounters, and Consequences of Ethno-Religious Identity Politics in the Orient and the West." The text can be read here (PDF), and the entire book (open access) can be downloaded here.

Article "Islamic Antisemitism" by Ulrike Becker published in an issue on Antisemitism in the series "Knowledge Creates Democracy" of the IDZ Jena

February 2021

The articles in this special volume on antisemitism in the publication series "Knowledge Creates Democracy" of the Institute for Democracy and Civil Society in Jena. The volume presents on provides an overview of the most pressing issues in dealing with antisemitism. Leading experts in the field of antisemitism research present theoretical and historical contributions on the central areas in which antisemitic thought patterns spread - from right-wing extremism to the politically left-wing spectrum, Islamism, the conspiracy ideology milieu, and the so-called center. Ulrike Becker (MFFB) contributed a text on "Islamic antisemitism". The text can be read here, the entire issue can be found here. You can read the text here, the complete issue can be downloaded here

Article by Kai Schubert published in the anthology "Education against Anti-Semitism"

October 2020

Wochenschau-Verlag recently published the anthology "Bildung gegen Antisemitismus. Spannungsfelder der Aufklärung" as the opening of the series "Antisemitism and Education". It is edited by Dr. Marc Grimm (University of Bielefeld) and Dr. Stefan Müller (Justus Liebig University Giessen). Kai Schubert (MFFB) contributed the text "Israel-related antisemitism - a challenge for educational work". Here he reports on experiences made in the MFFB project "Bildungsbaustein Israel" and concepts developed here. The volume is available here.

July 2020

In the July/August issue of "Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaft", Kai Schubert (MFFB) published a review of the books "Analogies of 'Coming to Terms with the Past'. Anti-Israeli Projections in Readers' Comments in Die Zeit and the Guardian" by Matthias J. Becker and "NS-Comparisons and NS-Metaphors. Corpus linguistic perspectives on conceptual, structural and functional characteristics" by Linda Giesel.

The journal is available here.