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Protests against the Quds-March

As in previous years, the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin will also be part of the initiative group against the Quds March in 2021. The Quds March is scheduled for May 8th this year.

This year, out of consideration for the current infection situation, the alliance refrained from calling for personal participation in a rally. However, the alliance will be acoustically and visibly present on this day.


Background Information:

MFFB-Policy Paper: The Quds-March  (May 2020) (link)

Podcast: Ulrike Becker (MFFB) discusses with Laura Cazès: The Quds-March and the Iranian regime (April 2020) (link)

Radio-Interview Deutschlandfunk Kultur with Ulrike Becker (MFFB) (June 2019) (link

Call for protest

No Quds March! Against the terror propaganda of the Iranian regime!

Every year on the last Friday of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, supporters of the Islamist dictatorship in Iran call for the so-called "Quds Day". The "Quds Day" was established in 1979 in Iran as a political day of struggle, on which worldwide is promoted to destroy the Jewish state, and to conquer "Al Quds". (Quds is the Arabic name for Jerusalem). Under the pretext of representing the rights of Palestinians, anti-Semitic conspiracy myths are spread and an aggressive readiness to fight against Israel and the West is demonstrated. The anti-Zionist hatred of Israel is supposed to mobilize anti-Semites of all stripes.

We find it intolerable that it is possible to call for the destruction of Israel, the largest Jewish community in the world, in the middle of Berlin. We stand for solidarity with Israel and protest against any form of anti-Semitic and Islamist propaganda in Berlin.

The Quds Day in Berlin is the loudspeaker of the Islamist dictatorship in Iran on the Berlin Kudamm. It demonstrates mainly supporters of the Iranian regime: supporters of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the Islamic Center Hamburg, officials of the "Islamic Community of Shiite Communities of Germany" (IGS) and Palestinian terrorist organizations.

We therefore expressly welcome the ban on the activities of the anti-Semitic terrorist organization Hezbollah, which was decreed in March 2020. This is because Hezbollah propagates armed struggle by terrorist means, is directed against international understanding and calls for the complete destruction of Israel. Hezbollah sympathizers in Germany spread their message, among other things, on Al Quds Day. We therefore call on the Senator of the Interior to now also ban the Quds March.

Against the propaganda from Tehran we put our solidarity with Israel as well as with all democrats from the region: with the people in Iran, who suffer under their corrupt and Islamist leadership, which does not support them in the Corona crisis, but puts state money only in terrorist and military projects, such as the nuclear program and the missile technology, with which Israel is threatened. We are in solidarity with Kurdish, Yezidi and many other organizations suffering in the region under the aggressive Iranian foreign policy, with the Iranian opposition members in exile, with the homosexuals and the women fighting in Iran for their freedom and against the compulsory veil.

Against all anti-Semitism - against all anti-Zionism!
Solidarity with Israel and with the democratic opposition in Iran!
Am Israel Chai!


The initiative group of this year's alliance against the "Al-Quds March" consists of the following organizations::

• Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

• American Jewish Committee Berlin

• Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft Berlin und Brandenburg

• IIBSA - Internationales Institut für Bildung, Sozial- und Antisemitismusforschung e.V.

• JBDA - Jüdisches Bildungswerk für Demokratie - gegen Antisemitismus

• JFDA - Jüdisches Forum für Demokratie und gegen Antisemitismus

• Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin KdöR

• JSUD - Jüdische Studierendenunion Deutschland

• JuFo - Junges Forum Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft

• Makkabi Deutschland e.V.

• Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin

• Partnerschaft für Demokratie in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf


• WerteInitiative. jüdisch-deutsche Positionen e.V.