Myth Nakba

The Myth of the Nakba. Facts about the history of Israel's founding

Von Jörg Rensmann, Programmdirektor des MFFB, herausgegeben von Arbeitsgemeinschaften der Deutsch-Israelischen Gesellschaft e.V.

Right of Return

Right of Return - History and Present of a Palestinian Demand.

Published by Deutsch-Israelischen Gesellschaft 2021.

German Brochure: The Six Day War 1967.

In Cooperation with Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft Mai 2017

German Brochure: Boykott Movements against Israel.

In Cooperation with Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft Januar 2017

Educating the next generation

Changing Palestinian Textbooks as a Precondition for Mutual Understanding. May 2017

German Schoolbooks

Education of Ressentment - The Image of Israel in German School Books (in German) February 2016