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Review of Kai Schubert on two books on digital antisemitism

July 2020

Kai Schubert (MFFB) published a review of the books “Analogies of 'coming to terms with the past' in the July / August issue of the "Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaft": A review of "Anti-Israeli projections in reader comments of the Zeit and the Guardian” by Matthias J. Becker and “NS-Comparisons and NS-Metaphors. Corpus Linguistic Perspectives on Conceptual, Structural and Functional Characteristics” by Linda Giesel.

The issue is available here.



Kai Schubert: Brochure on dealing with Jews, Israel and the Shoah in socialist countries

May 2020

Kai Schubert (MFFB) published the brochure: "The Politics of Socialist States towards Judaism, the Holocaust and Israel. A comparison of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Occupation Zone / GDR" as volume 13 of the series nip - new research on the history of ideas, edited by Prof. Dr. Thomas Noetzel and Dr. Jörg Probst, at the Philipps University of Marburg.

The essay can be downloaded 

Contributions of Michael Spaney and Jörg Rensmann to the Book "Antisemitism at Schools in Germany""

April 2020

Michael Spaney (Director MFFB) and Jörg Rensmann (Program Director MFFB) contributed to the book "Anti-Semitism in Schools in Germany. Findings - Analysis - Options for Action". The editor Prof. Dr. Julia Bernstein provides findings from her qualitative-sociological research and for the first time analyzes historical and political findings comprising the perspectives of affected students and teachers.

Michael Spaney contributed the text "The Middle East Conflict: Caricatures, Myths and Facts", Jörg Rensmann the article "Urgently in need of reform: the image of Israel in German school books". The contributions can be read here.

The book "Anti-Semitism in Schools in Germany" was published by Beltz Juventa.