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Antisemitic discourse, the terror of october 7th and the subsequent boycott movement in academia, club- and subculture

An english-speaking panel discussion with David Hirsh, Nicholas Potter, Tanja Ehmann & the Punks against antisemitism, followed by a concert with Morgen Teuer Töten, Die feuchten Banditen & Peitsche

When? Friday, 05.07.2024, 19:00 

Where? Skatehalle Berlin (Revaler Str. 99, F’hain)

These days, we are witnessing antisemitic outrage nearly everywhere: on campus, in the cultural sphere, in subculture, on the streets, on social media. This is nothing new, but it is getting more intense, more aggressive, like the citys new steady pulse. People, synagogues and other buildings, campuses and venues are attacked, public speeches are shouted down, Israeli institutions and academics are boycotted.

The sexual violence of the 7th October is denied or justified by so-called feminist activists. Hamas propaganda manifests itself and is multiplied by social media. People are excited by the terror of 7th October – by torture, murder, and rape. Objecting this propaganda is usually decried as racist. When the ‘Punks against antisemitism’ (AKA Punks) surfaced in Berlin in the aftermath of 7th October, a huge shitstorm on social media followed. People were spewing their unsolicited hatred, and the hatred did not take long to spread, coming from Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland... Bands and venues are threatened with boycott.

The mechanisms seem to be the same in every sector. Screaming down people, doxing, verbal threats and physical attacks, boycott campaigns.

Our panel does not exclusively aim to focus on Berlin or subculture. We want to speak about the processes currently at work in the multifaceted world of vile antisemitism. This antisemitism elates and excites people, a new lifestyle that encourages them to terrorise Jews and others while being thoroughly convinced to do something good.

It is a great honour to have David Hirsh with us this evening, and we look forward to discussing all these topics with him, Nicholas Potter and Tanja Ehmann.

Afterwards we’ll have a fabulous show with Morgen Teuer Töten, Die feuchten Banditen and Peitsche!