Revolutionary Guards to the terror list!

Call for the rally on February 19, 2023


When: 2 p.m.
Where: in front of the Representation of the European Commission, Pariser Platz, Berlin.

On the occasion of the meeting of the European Foreign Affairs Council, on February 20 in Brussels, many people will again demonstrate for the immediate inclusion of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) on the EU terror list. Just a few weeks ago, EU Commission Vice President and EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner Josep Borrell dismissed this demand with the limp remark that "you can't say someone is a terrorist because you don't like them." Even with his adherence to the manifestly failed agreement to curb Iran's nuclear bomb program, Borrell, in line with European governments, represents a policy that is, in effect, support for Iran's terrorist regime.

For 44 years now, the Revolutionary Guards, as the most powerful institution of the mullahs' regime, have terrorized the Iranian population with brutal means such as arrests, executions, disappearances, torture, and rape. Women, young people, opposition activists, civil rights activists, and sexual, religious, and ethnic minorities in particular are subjected to unrestrained violence. Political prisoners are held in torture prisons under the custody of the Revolutionary Guards, who also control and carry out the judiciary's death sentences against protest detainees.

Moreover, the highly armed Revolutionary Guards are the main player in the Islamic Republic's expansionist efforts in neighboring countries and are responsible for countless deaths, not only in Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen. The nuclear program, with which the Holocaust-denying regime wants to obtain the military means to implement its threats of annihilation against Israel, is also the responsibility of the Revolutionary Guards.

Europe is a central field of action for the aggressive goals of the Revolutionary Guards, which are pursued by terrorist methods such as assassinations of Iranian opposition members and attacks on Jewish people and institutions. It is the Revolutionary Guards that are providing military support to Russia in its criminal war of aggression against Ukraine. The Revolutionary Guards' networks are used to procure conventional and nuclear arms technology through front companies, especially in Europe. To finance their activities, the IRGC dominate almost the entire economy of Iran.

Despite numerous declarations of solidarity by German politicians towards the protesters in Iran who are threatened by unrestrained violence, Germany and the EU are sticking to their policy of appeasement and cooperation with the terror regime. Using pretextual arguments, the states of the European Union - and especially Germany as Iran's largest European trading partner - refuse to break with the Islamic Republic despite the uprising of a clear majority of the Iranian population. The terror listing of the Revolutionary Guards would be a first step in this direction.

With our rally in front of the European Commission Representation in Berlin, we declare our solidarity with the goal of the vast majority of Iranians to abolish the Islamic Republic and build a democratic society. We demand from the German Federal Government and the European Union the consequent break with the Islamic Republic and the full support of the Iranian Revolution for Woman - Life - Freedom!

Berlin, February 2023
Alliance "Stop Appeasement - against the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran".

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