Public protest: Against the Warmongering Coalition between Germany's Linkspartei and Hamas! Solidarity with Israel!

Protest in front of the Karl-Liebknecht-Haus
Saturday, Juni 12, 2010, 2 pm (new time!),
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin-Mitte


“Israel cannot be allowed to get away with this”, foamed Gregor Gysi, head of the far-left German Linkspartei ("Left Party"); MP Wolfgang Neskovic called for an investigation to be held against Israel due to “the initial suspicion of war crimes”; Nader El-Saqa from the Palestinian Community in Germany referred to the attack as “Israel’s declaration of war against every seafaring nation”. The German exponents of the humanitarian cause thereby taking the same view as Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan, who added that Israel was an “abscess” in the Middle East. Differences in how the statements  are formulated still remain noticeable – but nonetheless a line can be drawn from Gysi to Erdogan, Hugo Chavez and the Iranian leadership. At the same time the countries of Europe agree with Barak Obama: not the coalition of left-wingers and Islamists poses the problem, but Israel.       

The alliance gathered on the ship Mavi Marmara were acting as a propaganda troop for international Anti-Semitism: German left-wingers, Turkish Islamists and fascists of the Grey Wolves party, English peace activists, and American human rights campaigners sailed out against Israel under the command of the Jihad funding organization IHH . Norman Paech, the Linkspartei’s most prominent international law expert and notorious critique of Israel stated on Germany’s popular news show “Tagesthemen” that the goal was not delivery of the aid shipment but to break the blockade, that the purpose was therefore a “political action” meant to undermine Israel’s sovereignty and security. Now he accuses Israel of “war crimes”. Norman Paech, Inge Höger and other Linkspartei officials call Israel’s version of events a forgery, despite the detailed video material that supports her. They claim not to have heard Anti-Semitic chants and not to have seen an armed Islamic lynch mob. They are lying in the face of the facts, turning soldiers acting in self-defence into cold-blooded murderers – this is what truth means to Anti-Semites.  

In the name of peace they want to start a global war against Israel. What they accuse Israel of, they long for themselves. Henning Mankell is looking forward to the time when Israel will be forced to take military actions against the Peaceniks again: “What will happen next year when we return with hundreds of boats? Will they fire the atom bomb?“ And president Erdogan, who is apparently considering sending Turkish troops to liberate the Gaza strip, could imagine sailing on the next boat too. A humanitarian invasion of Israel, effectively meaning the end of the Jewish state, seems alarmingly close.      
This coalition of left-wingers and Islamists immediately cried out to the United Nations, which is apparently meant to represent a higher moral authority and power duty bound to guarantee peace. This parliament of states is however the stage of Ahmadinejad’s Anti-Semitic speeches and remarkably resembles Paech, Mankell, and Erdogan in its rhetoric and decisions. In 1939 Hitler called his German war of world conquest an act of self defence against the Jewish warmongers. Today Ahmadinejad wants to “free the region from this evil” if “the Zionist regime repeats its mistakes and starts new adventures”. The global peace camp cannot, by any stretch of imagination, see a threat in these statements. For them the Iranian nuclear programme  is just a legitimate act of sovereignty and the armament of Hizbollah and Hamas is seen as an act of international solidarity.        

It is therefore not surprising that both the ongoing rocket terror against Israel and the Islamic domination of Gaza’s citizens are widely ignored. Hamas has turned Gaza into a Jihadist bridgehead against Israel and Jews all over the world. Currently it is presented as a collection of well-meaning people just seeking to live in peace and self-determination whose support should be of concern of humanists worldwide.
In Germany the Linkspartei must take the brunt of the responsibility that the terms peace and humanism have become part of a perversion of language, behind which Islamists, Nazis, Anti-imperialist’s and other enemies of humanism hide. By even sitting at the same table with figures like Norman Paech or Inge Höger, by considering their words to be anything other than anti-Jewish rhetoric of the time, by believing that one can even discuss with these “Socialists of the 21st Century”, they already become part of the problem.
On Saturday we will gather in front of the Karl-Liebknecht-Haus in Berlin, the headquarters of the Linkspartei. Although we cannot stop the sinister march against Israel, we can denounce the coalition of jihad and socialism. We call on everyone to join us who wants to show their unrestricted solidarity with Israel publicly after the events of the last few days. 

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