EU admits Palestinian school curriculum incites hatred and violence

Berlin, 9.6.2021

An EU study on the Palestinian school curriculum, which was commissioned by the EU Commission but whose publication was repeatedly postponed, is now available. This was reported yesterday by the BILD newspaper in a detailed report in which excerpts from the study were published. These show how Palestinian textbooks incite children to violence and hatred of Jews. [1]

The results of the study reveal a clear finding. For a long time, Palestinian children and youth have been systematically indoctrinated and educated to hate and violence against Jews in schools run by the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA, the UN refugee agency responsible for Palestinians. Terrorists are stylized as role models.

Jörg Rensmann, program director of the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin, explains: "This education, which is directed against peaceful coexistence, is contrary to a democratic pedagogy in the Palestinian Authority. It plays an important role in the Palestinian national narrative and, in the context of the Palestinian Authority's financial incentives for terror, is a crucial obstacle to any settlement with Israel."

The Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin (MFFB) already presented its own study on Palestinian textbooks four years ago, which was supported by parliamentarians from all democratic parties. [2] The MFFB calls on the German government to attach conditions to funds to the Palestinian Authority (PA).  

Rensmann continues: "The German government has been aware of the scandalous textbooks for years. Nothing has changed in the far-reaching financial support of both the Palestinian territories, where the PA with its Ministry of Education is responsible for the contents of the textbooks, and UNRWA, which tolerates this anti-Semitic agitation in its schools. . This is not the way to promote civil society and peace in the Palestinian territories. We call on the federal government to tie its payments to concrete conditions for the PA, to end financial incentives for terror against Jews, and to reform the Palestinian school curriculum in a verifiable way."


[2] Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin: Education for the Next Generation. 

A study by MFFB on PA payments to so-called "martyr families" can be found here: