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Right of Return - History and Present of a Palestinian Demand.

After more than 70 years, the Palestinian refugee issue remains unresolved. Today, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) counts some 5.3 million registered Palestinian refugees.

The so-called "right of return" to Israel's heartland remains a key political demand of all Palestinian factions to this day, posing a serious challenge to constructive peace negotiations.

This brochure examines the history, current significance and future of the so-called "right of return" and combines different approaches and perspectives. It is intended as a contribution to the debate on what is probably one of the most difficult questions of the Middle East conflict, which not only affects relations between Israelis and Palestinians, but also has to take into account many other states and actors in the region as well as international organizations and developments. The authors of the booklet, including many experts from the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin (MFFB), hope to provide a basic overview of the topic, exciting insights, and critical impulses for German Middle East policy.