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Lecture with Matthias Küntzel

The pogrom of 7 October 2023 marked a turning point in the history of anti-Semitism and the development of the Middle East conflict. More than 1,400 Israelis were massacred and more than 200 kidnapped as hostages. Nevertheless, the anti-Semitic motive behind this terror is hardly ever discussed. Instead, there is all the more frequent talk of "victims on both sides" or a "spiral of violence", as if it were a matter of skirmishes for which both sides bear equal responsibility.

At our event, Matthias Küntzel will analyse the significance of this pogrom and its historical and ideological background and discuss the resulting options for action.
The pogrom of 7 October 23 is intended to be the prelude to a permanent war against the Jewish state. With the help of the Arab states, they want to destroy Israel. They have coldly factored in the civilian Palestinian victims in order to use them as a weapon against Israel. The way they openly express all this to the New York Times is written in their charter: The main goal is to "drive all Jews into the sea".

Matthias Küntzel is a political scientist and historian and winner of the 2022 Theodor Lessing Prize. He mainly publishes on anti-Semitism in Islam, Islamism and National Socialism as well as German and European Middle East and Iran policy. 

Where? Programmschänke Bajszel, Emser Straße 8-9 in 12051 Berlin

When? 07.30 pm