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The "Islamic Center Hamburg" as a Partner of the City of Hamburg

An Online-Debate

When: Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Starting: 11.00 a.m.
Where: Online via Youtube Livestream

Nine years ago in 2012, the City of Hamburg signed state treaties with the Muslim associations. As a member of the Shura, the "Islamic Center Hamburg" (IZH) is thus also a partner of the city of Hamburg. In the coming year, the state agreements are to be evaluated and extended. The positions on the question whether the IZH can be a partner of the City of Hamburg in the future are controversial.

The State Office for the Protection of the Constitution describes the IZH as the "most important propagandistic and organizational institution of the Iranian regime in Europe." In addition, Hamburg's security authorities are monitoring around 30 Hezbollah supporters who frequent the "Islamic Center Hamburg" (IZH). The German government had issued a ban on activities against the terrorist organization Hezbollah in April 2020.

Before the contract is extended, the following questions arise, among others: What is the actual relationship between the "Islamic Center Hamburg" and the government in Tehran, and can the center continue to be linked to the city of Hamburg via a state contract? What are the controversies and what role does the State Treaty play in the development of Islamism and antisemitism in Hamburg and beyond?


We will discuss these questions with our guests:

  • Jennifer Jasberg, Parliamentary Group Leader Die Grünen Hamburg

  • Christoph de Vries, CDU Hamburg, Member of the German Bundestages

  • Ekkehard Wysocki, Spokesman on Religious Policy, Chairman of the Committee on Internal Affairs and Member of the Parliamentary Control Committee, SPD Hamburg.

  • Dr. Remko Leemhuis, Director American Jewish Commitee Berlin

  • Jörg Rensmann, Programme Director Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin

  • Hourvash Pourkian, International Women in Power (IWP)

Welcome: Stefan Hensel, German-Israeli Friendship Society Hamburg e.V., designated Commissioner of the City of Hamburg for Antisemitism

Moderation: Ulrike Becker, Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin


This event is a cooperation of the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin e.V., with the German-Israeli Friendship Society Hamburg.