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"Conformist Rebels. On the Actuality of the Authoritarian Character".

Book presentation and discussion with Ingo Elbe, Miriam Mettler and Andreas Stahl

Time: Tuesday, July 5, 2022 | 7:30 p.m.
Location: Bajszel, Emser Str. 8/9, Berlin-Neukölln
Many people rebel and at the same time submit to irrational authorities. But where does this need come from? The search for answers leads to the theory of authoritarianism. It examines how, under certain social conditions, people develop the need to submit to irrational authorities and produce equally irrational images of the enemy.
In about 20 essays, the authors of the anthology "Conformist Rebels" discuss the explanatory potential of the theory of authoritarian character in the face of changing social conditions.

Co-editor Andreas Stahl introduces some of the disputes and discussions around the theory of authoritarian character depicted there. Ingo Elbe's paper presents the original program of authoritarianism research as developed by the critical theory of the Frankfurt School, especially Erich Fromm, in the 1930s. Miriam Mettler's paper focuses primarily on the role of women in the reproduction of authoritarian characters in Islam.

Ingo Elbe is a research associate and private lecturer at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Oldenburg. Books: Marx in the West. 2nd ed. Berlin 2010; Paradigms of Anonymous Rule. Political Philosophy from Hobbes to Arendt. Würzburg 2015. Most recently, his book Gestalten der Gegenaufklärung. Studies in Conservatism, Political Existentialism, and Postmodernism. 2nd revised edition, Würzburg 2021.

Miriam Mettler is a psychologist who lives and works in Berlin. In her essays and lectures, she explores the forms in which social powerlessness turns into projective violence.

Andreas Stahl studies philosophy at the University of Oldenburg and is co-editor of the anthology "Konformistische Rebellen. Zur Aktualität des autoritären Charakters," published by Verbrecher Verlag in 2020:

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