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Multidirectional Attacks on Memory and on Israel

Lecture and discussion with Nikolai Schreiter (RIAS Bayern) and Julia Kopp (RIAS Berlin)

When: Thursday, July 13, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Humboldt University Berlin, Unter den Linden 6, Hall 2097.

An MFFB event in cooperation with RIAS Bayern and the Junges Forum of DIG Berlin & Brandenburg.


Attacks on the memory of the Shoah and against Israel as a Jewish state are increasing - and for some years now they have not come exclusively from the (extreme) right. In the so-called Historikerstreit 2.0, for example, around documenta 15 or at the conference ‚Hijacking Memory‘, core elements of the memory of the Shoah were questioned from postcolonial, supposedly anti-racist and progressive milieus. At the same time, Israel was also regularly defamed at demonstrations as an "apartheid" or "colonial state" or even as a revenant of National Socialism. Nikolai Schreiter's lecture will classify the current postcolonial attacks on the memory of the Shoah and on Israel and, in particular, shed light on the context of why the precedentlessness of the Holocaust and the Jewish state so often stand together in the supposedly anti-racist firing line.

Julia Kopp then comments and describes how the phenomenon plays out in Berlin.


Nikolai Schreiter studied political science in Vienna and Jerusalem and publishes on antisemitism. As a staff member of RIAS Bayern, the Research and Information Center on antisemitism Bavaria, he co-authored the brochure "Multidirectional Attacks on Memory."

Julia Kopp studied political science and history and has been a project officer at RIAS Berlin since 2020. In May, the project presented the report "Antisemitic Incidents in Berlin 2022".