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Alexander Steder

Educational Consultant


Alexander Steder is a historian and social scientist and works at the MFFB as an education officer for the project "Bildungsbaustein Israel".

After completing his history degree with a thesis on the history of the "NSDAP Local Group Palestine" at the University of Marburg, he studied the interdisciplinary master's programs "History of International Politics" and "Politics and Economics of the Near and Middle East" in Marburg and completed postgraduate studies in the renowned Research Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In his master's thesis, he dealt with the intertwining of West and East German Middle East policy and German Islam policy.

He is currently conducting research on GDR propaganda towards the Arab region, on the history of Germany's involvement in UNRWA, and on the significance of antisemitism in contemporary jihadist propaganda. He is a lecturer on antisemitism at the Berlin Police Academy and the Berlin School of Economics and Law.


Scientific Publications

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"Missile Warfare Against Israel. How Iran Promotes Terror," T-Online, May 13, 2021, online: 

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