Jahne Nicolaisen

Junior Fellow, Political Scientist

Jahne Nicolaisen is currently working at the MFFB on the project "Bildungsbaustein Israel" and on the topics of antisemitism, Islamism and right-wing extremism. His regional focus in the Middle East is on Israel, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran. In Germany, he focusses on Berlin, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein (where he also works on memorial site education). Nicolaisen also gives lectures on Adorno, Horkheimer and critical theory in general (especially on education, science & state) and advises on local and university policy strategies against antisemitism. He wrote his master's thesis on the "Conflict between academic freedom and antisemitism at German universities" at the Free University of Berlin in 2023.

Contact: nicolaisen@mideastfreedomforum.org



"Always stay in dialogue with the Islamic Associations", with Jahne Nicolaisen, in: Jungle World v. 16.11.2023 (link)

"Suspicion of murder visit in Hanover," with Ulrike Becker, in: Jungle World v. Aug. 3, 2023 (link).


  • October 13, 2022: speaker at the Critical Orientation Weeks at the FU Berlin - lecture title: "Max Horkheimer's 'Concept of Education' (1952)"
  • July 21, 2022: Speaker in the context of the lecture series on right-wing extremism of the NaturFreunde Berlin - lecture title: "What does Adorno's 'Education after Auschwitz' (1966) mean today? Theses on the Categorical Imperative in University Education, Activism and Nation-State Politics".