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Antisemitism, Nuclear Program & New Middle East: The Ayatollahs' Hatred of Israel & the Abraham Accords

Lecture of Stephan Grigat

When: Thursday, March 16, 2023
Starting: 7:30 pm
Where: Bajszel, Emser Straße 8/9 (12051 Berlin)
Chair: Andreas Benl (MFFB)

A cooperation of the Centrum für Antisemitismus- und Rassismusstudien (CARS) & the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin

The antisemitism of the Iranian regime, the threat to Israel and the Iranian nuclear program will be discussed against the background of current developments in the Middle East: What is the significance of the ongoing protests against the terror regime in Iran, the rapprochement of important Arab states with Israel, and the new government in Jerusalem in assessing the threat potential of the Ayatollah dictatorship and its allies? How should we assess the only minor changes in German policy toward the Iranian regime so far? And why do large parts of the left continue to be interested neither in the Iranian freedom movement nor in the Abraham Accords, both of which point to the possibilities of a future new Middle East?